• California Angels

    On February 3, Carew was traded to the Angels for outfielder Ken Landreaux, catcher/first baseman Dave Engle, right-handed pitcher Paul Hartzell, and left-handed pitcher Brad Havens.
  • Denver Broncos

    In 1995, the Broncos debuted a new head coach, Mike Shanahan, and a new rookie running back, Terrell Davis. In 1996, the Broncos were the top seed in the AFC with a 13–3 record, dominating most of the teams that year.
  • Colorado Avalanche

    Led by captain Joe Sakic, forward Peter Forsberg, and defenseman Adam Foote on the ice and Pierre Lacroix as the general manager and Marc Crawford as the head coach, the Avalanche became stronger when All-Star Montreal Canadiens goalie Patrick Roy joined the team.
  • Los Angeles Lakers

    By winning 33 straight games, Los Angeles set a record for longest winning streak of any team in American professional sports. The Lakers won 69 games that season, which stood as the NBA record for 24 years until the Chicago Bulls won 72 games in 1995–96.
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Mark Cuban's Lets Talk NFL Football

mark-cubanMark Cuban the out-spoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, posted an interesting article on Facebook called "Lets talk NFL football". Mark talks about several issues and adds thoughts about the future of NFL as a leader in sports popularity. Mark made the statement that the NFL will implode within 10 years and he has of course stirred up controversy within the sports world. Mark discusses several topics such as player behavior, TV over saturation and fantasy football which he certainly has some good and great points. The other point that Mark talked about is the brutality of the sport, which I would like to add my 2 cents.

All sports have their risk of injury because of impact with football leading all the other sports, except golf and maybe tennis.

So would you let your son or grandson play tackle football? Is there reasons to not allow our young boys play a impact sport that can have severe injuries. I answer no, the youth of today should and could play tackle football up until high school. Playing tackle football before high school, is somewhat safe. The players or kids have not developed physically or done any weight lifting to increase their strength and speed. So the playing field is equal at the younger aged football games and the impacts are not as severe as the older more mature players. But...

The game changes when the kid enters high school, because of the mind set that lifting weights will increase speed and strength and it does. But because of this the impacts are harder and quicker, which means injury is greater. But high school is only the beginning, as College pushes that further and further. Weight lifting more and more frequently is what happens in Colleges. The bar is raised with harder impacts and again quicker players.

Now on to the NFL and professional football. The size of these players is getting incredibly bigger and faster because of the weight lifting programs that are so focused on gaining the speed and strength that is hungered by every aspiring professional player. With this happening, the NFL is concerned and worried about the types of impacts that are occurring every week. The rules committee for the NFL is working hard at anticipating the potential injury threatening hits. This a good and bad thing for the NFL, all the rule changes that have happened and are going to happen will change the game dramatically. This should be a concern of the management of the NFL. In ten years the game of the NFL will be completely different than what we see today. I don't believe we will be watching flag football, but could be close. Time will tell, and it should be interesting the changes the NFL rules committee make over the next few years.

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