• Los Angeles Lakers

    By winning 33 straight games, Los Angeles set a record for longest winning streak of any team in American professional sports. The Lakers won 69 games that season, which stood as the NBA record for 24 years until the Chicago Bulls won 72 games in 1995–96.
  • Denver Broncos

    In 1995, the Broncos debuted a new head coach, Mike Shanahan, and a new rookie running back, Terrell Davis. In 1996, the Broncos were the top seed in the AFC with a 13–3 record, dominating most of the teams that year.
  • Colorado Avalanche

    Led by captain Joe Sakic, forward Peter Forsberg, and defenseman Adam Foote on the ice and Pierre Lacroix as the general manager and Marc Crawford as the head coach, the Avalanche became stronger when All-Star Montreal Canadiens goalie Patrick Roy joined the team.
  • California Angels

    On February 3, Carew was traded to the Angels for outfielder Ken Landreaux, catcher/first baseman Dave Engle, right-handed pitcher Paul Hartzell, and left-handed pitcher Brad Havens.
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Milwaukee Brewers Primary Logo Stream

Milwaukee Brewer Logo HistoryThe Milwaukee Brewers originated in Seattle, Washington as the Seattle Pilots, the Pilots lasted only a year because of financial and stadium problems. The move to Milwaukee happened so quickly that equipment was on trucks and not sure where to go Seattle or Milwaukee. In addition the uniforms from Seattle were rapidly changed from Pilots to Brewers, however the colors had to stay the same. Bud Selig had planned on a change of the colors, but was unable to because of the timing. So to this day the Brewers color are blue and gold, but with a different shades of blue and gold.

The first and only Pilot’s logo was simple and plain. The first Milwaukee Brewer logo, since it was so abruptly created and design was not that bad of a beginning logo. The slugging Brewer logo lasted for seven years, till some would say their classic logo was created and designed. The lower case letter “b” and “m” forming a catcher’s mitt with a baseball in the center has great creativity and imagination. Logos can be a remembrance of time, uniforms and players. During this time key players such as Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, and Gorman Thomas brought the spotlight to the Brewers.

From 1994 to 1999 the Brewer’s change their classic logo to a more tradition logo with the interlocken letter “M” and “B” on top of a diamond with two baseball bat crossed. The letters “M” and “B” font is a very unique font that seems to detract from the overall look of the logo. There are two different logos during this time with very minimal or slight changes.

The current Milwaukee Brewer logo is again a very traditional looking logo. The scripted font with a wordmark “Brewers” has an excellent baseball look to it. Adding the barley leafs at the bottom of the logo brings in the local area main industry, that is of course beer. This logo has heritage, a classy look and draws from the region, these items make a great and memorable logo.

Overall the Brewers have a nice rich logo history, from where they have came from in Seattle and the hasty move to Milwaukee. Sports Team History rates the Milwaukee Brewers logo history as 7 with 10 being best.

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