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Boston Beaneaters Team Formation

Led by the Wright brothers, Barnes, and Spalding, the Red Stockings dominated the National Association, winning four of that league's five championships. The team became one of the National League's charter franchises in 1876, sometimes called the "Red Caps" as a new Cincinnati Red Stockings club was another charter member. Boston came to be called the Beaneaters in 1883, while retaining red as the team color.

Move to Milwaukee

The 1948 World Series, which the Braves lost in six games to the Indians, turned out to be the Braves' last hurrah in Boston. Amid four mediocre seasons, attendance steadily dwindled until, on March 13, 1953, Perini, who had recently bought out his original partners, announced he was moving the team to Milwaukee, where the Braves had their top farm club, the Brewers. Milwaukee had long been a possible target for relocation.

Move to Atlanta

Perini sold the Braves to a Chicago-based group led by William Bartholomay in 1962. Almost immediately Bartholomay started shopping the Braves to a larger television market. Keen to attract them, the fast-growing city of Atlanta, led by Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. constructed a new $18 million, 52,000-seat ballpark in less than one year, Atlanta Stadium, which was officially opened in 1965 in hopes of luring an existing major league baseball and/or NFL/AFL team. After the city failed to lure the Kansas City A's to Atlanta (the A's would move to Oakland in 1968), the Braves announced their intention to move to Atlanta for the 1965 season. However, an injunction filed in Wisconsin kept the Braves in Milwaukee for one final year. In 1966, the Braves completed the move to Atlanta.

Ted Turner New Owner

In 1976, the team was purchased by media magnate Ted Turner, owner of superstation WTBS, as a means to keep the team (and one of his main programming staples) in Atlanta. The financially strapped Turner used money already paid to the team for their broadcast rights as a down-payment. It was then that Atlanta Stadium was renamed Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. Turner quickly gained a reputation as a quirky, hands-on baseball owner.

Turner used the Braves as a major programming draw for his fledgling cable network, making the Braves the first franchise to have a regular, nationwide audience and fanbase. WTBS marketed the team as "The Atlanta Braves: America's Team", a nickname that still sticks in some areas of the country, especially the South, today. Among other things, in 1976 Turner suggested the nickname "Channel" for pitcher Andy Messersmith and jersey number 17, in order to promote the television station that aired Braves games. Major League Baseball quickly nixed the idea.

World Series Winners - 3 World Series Wins

World Series - 1995
The 1995 World Series matched the Atlanta Braves against the Cleveland Indians, with the Braves winning in six games to capture their third World Championship in franchise history (along with 1914 in Boston and 1957 in Milwaukee), making them the first franchise to win three crowns in three different cities. The Series was also Cleveland's first Series appearance in 41 years and marked the resumption of the Fall Classic after the previous year's Series was canceled due to a players' strike.

World Series - 1957
The 1957 World Series featured the defending champions, the New York Yankees (American League), playing against the Milwaukee Braves (National League). After finishing just one game behind the N.L. Champion Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956, the Braves came back in 1957 to win their first pennant since moving from Boston in 1953. The Braves won the Series in seven games, behind Lew Burdette's three complete game victories, and became the first team to win a championship after relocating.

World Series - 1914
In the 1914 World Series, the Boston Braves beat the Philadelphia Athletics in a four-game series.

Time Warner Ownership

Team owner Time Warner, who inherited the Braves after purchasing TBS in 1996.

Liberty Media Group

In February 2007, after more than a year of negotiations, Time Warner agreed to a deal that would sell the Braves to Liberty Media Group a company which owned a large amount of stock in Time Warner, Inc., pending approval by 75 percent of MLB owners and the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig. The deal includes the exchange of the Braves, and $1 billion cash, for the large block of Time Warner stock held by Liberty Media. Team President Terry McGuirk anticipated no change in the current front office structure, personnel, or day-to-day operations of the Braves. Liberty Media is not expected to take any type of "active" ownership in terms of day-to-day operations.

On May 16, 2007, Major League Baseball's owners approved the sale of the Braves from Time Warner to Liberty Media.

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Team Information Team History

Boston - Milwaukee - Atlanta

Rustlers - With George Dovey dying in 1909, John Dovey and his business partner John Harris sold the Boston Doves team after the 1910 season to William Hepburn Russell, who changed the team name to the Boston Rustlers.

Turner Field
1997 - present
Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
1976 - 1996
  • Atlanta Stadium
  • 1966 - 1976

Milwaukee County Stadium
1953 - 1965

Braves Field
1915 - 1952
  • National League Park
  • 1936 - 1941

Fenway Park
1914 - 1915
South End Grounds
1894 - 1914

Congress Street Grounds
South End Grounds
1883 - 1894

Liberty Media
2007 - Present
Time Warner
1996 - 2007
Ted Turner
1976 - 1996
William Bartholomay
1962 - 1976
Lou Perini
1944 - 1962
Bob Quinn
1935 - 1945
Emil Fuchs
1922 - 1935
George W. Grant
1919 - 1922
Percy Haughton
1915 - 1918
James Gaffney
1912 - 1915
William Hepburn Russell

John Dovey
1909 - 1910
George & John Dovey
1907 - 1909
Arthur Soden
1883 - 1909

Established: 1883

League History:
Major League Baseball
2000 - present
National League
1883 - 1999

Team History:
Atlanta Braves
1966 - present
Milwaukee Braves
1953 - 1965
Boston Braves
1941 - 1952
Boston Bees
1936 - 1940
Boston Braves
1912 - 1935
Boston Rustlers

Boston Doves
1907 - 1910
Boston Beaneaters
1883 - 1906

World Series:  3
1995, 1957, 1914

Retired Numbers:
3 Dale Murphy
6 Bobby Cox
10 Chipper Jones
21 Warren Spahn
29 John Smoltz
31 Greg Maddux
35 Phil Niekro
41 Eddie Matthews
42 Jackie Robinson
44 Hank Aaron
47 Tom Glavine

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