• Boston Celtics

    The Boston Celtics released a new logo for the 1996 - 1997 season, the current version consists of a now human looking leprechaun with skin coloring spinning a basketball, with the team’s name arched around it in a circle in uppercase characters.
  • San Antonio Spurs

    The distinctive logo of the word "Spurs" in Eurostile font, with the stylized spur substituting for the letter "U", has been a part of the team's identity since their move to San Antonio.
  • Golden State Warriors

    A silhouette of the yet-to-be-completed Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge is the focal point of the design and a direct spin-off of “The City” logo, one of the most popular emblems in the history of professional sports.
  • Indiana Pacers

    In 2005 the Pacers updated the logo, adding a gray border around the "P" and updated some colors.
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Basketball Logo History

basketball logo historyWhat is the best basketball logo? How did the each team's logo transform into today's current logo? Who do you think is the best logo that has not been your favorite team?

  • There are 30 NBA teams since 1946 and they have had 162 logo changes between all the teams.
  • The teams with the most logo changes have 10 different logos, and the three different teams are: Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards. Atlanta Hawks - St. Louis Hawks, Milwaukee Hawks and Tri-City Blackhawks. Golden State Warriors - Philadelphia Warriors. Washington Wizards - Washington Bullets, Capital Bullets, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Zephyrs and Chicago Packers.
  • The Chicago Bulls are the only team with only one logo in 48 years dating back to 1966.
  • The Denver Nuggets have the most logo changes as a team that has not relocated with 7, however they did have a name change.
  • The Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks have the most logo changes for a team that has not made a move or a name change with 6 different logo versions.