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Indiana Pacers Team Formation

In early 1967, a group of six investors among them attorney Richard Tinkham, John DeVoe, Chuck DeVoe, sports agent Chuck Barnes and Indianapolis Star sports writer Bob Collins pooled their resources to purchase a franchise in the proposed American Basketball Association. For their first seven years, they played in the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum. In 1974, they moved to the plush new Market Square Arena in downtown Indianapolis, where they stayed for 25 years.

ABA Dominance

The Pacers were and ended as the most successful team in ABA history, winning three ABA Championships in four years. In all, they appeared in the ABA Finals five times in the league's nine-year history: a feat that was never bettered by any other ABA franchise.

Market Square Arena Opens

Market Square Arena was an indoor arena, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. Completed in 1974, at a cost of $23 million, it seated 16,530 for basketball. The final Pacers game to be played in Market Square Arena was a pre-season exhibition game against the Utah Jazz on October 23, 1999.

ABA-NBA Merger

The Pacers were one of four ABA teams that joined the NBA in the ABA-NBA merger in 1976. For the 1976 - 1977 season the Pacers were joined in the merged league by the Denver Nuggets, New York Nets, and San Antonio Spurs.

The league charged a $3.2 million entry fee for each former ABA team. Since the NBA would only agree to accept four ABA teams in the ABA-NBA merger, the Pacers and the three other surviving ABA teams also had to compensate the two remaining ABA franchises which were not a part of the merger, the Spirits of St. Louis and Kentucky Colonels. As a result of the merger, the four teams dealt with financial troubles. Additionally, the Pacers had some financial troubles which dated back to their waning days in the ABA; they had begun selling off some of their star players in the last ABA season. The new NBA teams also were barred from sharing in national TV revenues for four years.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Bankers Life Fieldhouse is an indoor arena located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is the home of the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association.

It opened in November 1999 as Conseco Fieldhouse to replace Market Square Arena. The naming rights to the venue were sold to Conseco, a financial services organization based in nearby Carmel, Indiana. In May 2010, the company renamed itself as CNO Financial Group, but the Conseco name was retained by the Fieldhouse. In December 2011, CNO Financial Group changed the name of the Fieldhouse to Bankers Life Fieldhouse, after one of its subsidiaries, Bankers Life and Casualty.

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Team Information Team History


Pacers - When professional basketball came to Indianapolis in 1967, one of the key decisions would be what to call the new American Basketball Association franchise. According to Indianapolis attorney, Richard D. Tinkham, the nickname “Pacers” was decided on through a collective decision of the original investors. Tinkham, one of those investors, recalled that the nickname was a combination of the state’s rich history with the harness racing pacers (investor Chuck Barnes was a horse racing enthusiast) and the pace car used for the running of the Indianapolis 500.

Tinkham said the “Pacers” decision was an easy one, but the real debate was whether the team should be called the Indiana Pacers or the Indianapolis Pacers. Since one of the original ideas for the team was to have it playing throughout the state with its base in Indianapolis, the official team name became the Indiana Pacers.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse
2012 - present
  • Conseco Fieldhouse
  • 1999 - 2011

Market Square Arena 
1974 - 1999
Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum
1967 - 1974

Herbert Simon
1983 - present
Richard Tinkham, John DeVoe, Chuck DeVoe, Chuck Barnes and Bob Collins
1967 - 1983

Established: 1967

League History:
National Basketball Association
1977 - present
American Basketball Association 
1967 - 1976

Team History:
Indiana Pacers
1967 - present

NBA Championships: 0
ABA Championships: 3
1973, 1972, 1970

Retired Numbers:
30 George McGinnis
31 Reggie Miller
34 Mel Daniels
35 Roger Brown
529 Bobby Leonard

Mascots: 1991 - present 2002 - 2010

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