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Dallas Texans Team Formation

Dallas based group led by a young millionaire, Giles Miller, bought what was ostensibly a new franchise the first-ever major league team based in Texas. However, it also acquired the entire Yanks roster. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Miller's group bought the Yanks and moved them to Dallas. Home games were scheduled to be played at the Cotton Bowl. Miller originally wanted to name the team the Rangers, but later decided to name them the Texans instead. As it turned out, this would be the last game the Texans would play in Dallas. Unable to meet payroll or get financial support from area businessmen (an important factor even in those days), Miller returned the team to the league on November 14 with five games to go in the season. The NFL moved the franchise's operations to Hershey, Pennsylvania though it kept the "Dallas Texans" name. It also moved the Texans' last two home games out of Dallas, making them a traveling team.

Move to Baltimore

In 1953, a Baltimore based group led by Carroll Rosenbloom won the rights to a new Baltimore National Football League franchise. Rosenbloom was awarded the remains of the Dallas Texans. The Colts were the first NFL team to have cheerleaders and a marching band. The Colts were named after Baltimore's annual Preakness Stakes which is why many fans are bitter that Indianapolis retained the Colt team name.

Owner's Trade

Rosenbloom traded the Colts franchise to Robert Irsay on July 13, 1972 and received the Los Angeles Rams in return. Under the new ownership, the Colts did not reach the postseason for three consecutive seasons after 1971, and after the 1972 season, starting quarterback and legend Johnny Unitas was traded to the San Diego Chargers.

Irsay assumed ownership of the Baltimore Colts on July 13, 1972 after acquiring the Los Angeles Rams from the estate of Dan Reeves and swapping franchises with Carroll Rosenbloom, all made official on the same day. His last-minute US $19 million bid for the Rams was $2 million more than that of Hugh Culverhouse. Irsay's majority share in the Colts was initially 51%, with Willard Keland of Racine, Wisconsin owning the rest. He additionally announced the appointment of Joe Thomas as Baltimore's new general manager, succeeding Don Klosterman who accompanied Rosenbloom to Los Angeles.

Relocation to Indianapolis

The Baltimore Colts played their final home game in Baltimore on December 18, 1983 against the then Houston Oilers. By early 1984, after the Colts' lease on the 64,124 seat Memorial Stadium had expired, Irsay wanted the city of Baltimore to upgrade the stadium or build a new one. Attendance continued to dwindle over the years as a result of the team's poor play. City officials were wary of such an investment and negotiations were slow and contentious. Relations between Irsay and the city of Baltimore deteriorated, and despite numerous public announcements that Irsay's ultimate desire was to remain in Baltimore, he nevertheless began discussions with several cities hungry for an NFL franchise, eventually narrowing the list of cities to two: Phoenix and Indianapolis. Under the administration of mayors Richard Lugar and then William Hudnut, Indianapolis undertook an ambitious effort to reinvent itself into a 'Great American City'. The Hoosier Dome, which was later renamed the RCA Dome, had been built specifically for and was ready to host an NFL expansion team.

Super Bowl Winners - 2 Super Bowl Wins

Super Bowl XLI - 2006
Super Bowl XLI was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Indianapolis Colts and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Chicago Bears to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2006 season. The Colts defeated the Bears by the score of 29–17. The game was played on February 4, 2007, at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Super Bowl V - 1970
Super Bowl V was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Baltimore Colts and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Dallas Cowboys to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 1970 season. The Colts defeated the Cowboys by the score of 16–13. The game was played on January 17, 1971, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, the first Super Bowl game played on artificial turf, on first-generation Poly-Turf.

RCA Dome

The stadium had its ribbon-cutting ceremony August 16, 2008, and then officially opened to the public eight days later on August 24, 2008. The stadium was constructed to allow the removal of the RCA Dome and expansion of the Indiana Convention Center on its site. The stadium is on the south side of South Street, the block south of the site of the former RCA Dome. The stadium is often referred to as "The House That Manning Built", even though Peyton Manning no longer plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. It replaced the RCA Dome as the home field of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. The stadium also hosted Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.

No 1 Pick Andrew Luck

The Peyton Manning era came to an end on March 8, 2012 when Jim Irsay announced that Manning was being released from the roster after thirteen seasons. Owner Jim Irsay started to again rebuild the Colts during the 2012 offseason, hiring a new general manager in Ryan Grigson and a new head coach in Chuck Pagano. The Colts also began to release their veteran players from the Manning era, including Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, and Gary Brackett. The Colts used their number one overall draft pick in 2012 to draft Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck and also drafted his teammate Coby Fleener in the second round. The team also switched to a 3–4 defensive scheme. On September 9, 2012 the Colts kicked off the Andrew Luck Era with a 41–21 loss to the Chicago Bears in which Luck completed 23 of his 45 passes. He threw for one touchdown and three interceptions, and also fumbled, finishing with a 52.9 passer rating.

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Team Information Team History

Dallas - Baltimore - Indianapolis

Colts - Charles Evans of Middle River, Md., won a name contest by submitting Colts. His reasoning? “Colts are the youngest entry in the league, Maryland is famous for its race horses and it is short, easily pronounced and fits well in newspaper headlines.”

Lucas Oil Stadium
2008 - present
RCA Dome
1994 - 2007
  • Hoosier Dome
  • 1984 - 1993

Memorial Stadium 
1953 - 1983

Cotton Bowl

Jim Irsay
1997 - present
Robert Irsay
1972 - 1997
Carroll Rosenbloom
1953 - 1972

Giles Miller (games 1–7), NFL (games 8–12)

Established: 1952

League History:
National Football League
1952 - present

Team History:
Indianapolis Colts
1984 - present
Baltimore Colts
1953 - 1983

Dallas Texans

Super Bowl: 2
2006, 1970
NFL Championships:  2
1959, 1958

Retired Numbers:
18 Peyton Manning
19 Johnny Unitas
22 Buddy Young
24 Lenny Moore
70 Art Donovan
77 Jim Parker
82 Raymond Berry
89 Gino Marchetti

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