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Los Angeles Angels Team Formation

The Angels and their fellow expansionists, the new Washington Senators now the Texas Rangers chose players from other American League teams in an expansion draft. In 1961, the first year of the team's existence, the Angels finished 70–91 for a .435 winning percentage, still the highest winning percentage ever for a first-year major league expansion team.

Move From Los Angeles to Anaheim

Stymied in his attempt to get a new stadium in Los Angeles, Autry looked elsewhere. His first choice for a stadium was the site offered by the city of Long Beach. However, the city insisted the team be renamed the Long Beach Angels, a condition Autry refused to accept. He was able to strike a deal with the suburban city of Anaheim in Orange County, and construction began on Anaheim Stadium nicknamed The Big A by Southern Californians, where the Angels moved in 1966. On September 2, 1965, team ownership announced the Los Angeles Angels would thenceforth be known as the California Angels, in anticipation of the team's move to Anaheim the following year. They were the second Major League baseball team to be named after an entire state, following the Minnesota Twins.

The Disney Era

The Disney Company effectively took control of the Angels in 1996, when it was able to gain enough support on the board to hire Tony Tavares as team president. Gene Autry, however, remained as chairman until his death in 1998.

World Series Winners

World Series - 2002
The 2002 World Series was a best-of-seven playoff series to determine the champion of Major League Baseball for the 2002 season. It was the 98th series between the champions of the American League (AL) and National League (NL), here respectively the Anaheim Angels and the San Francisco Giants. The series was played from October 19–27, 2002 at Pacific Bell Park (now AT&T Park) in San Francisco and Edison International Field of Anaheim (now Angel Stadium of Anaheim) in Anaheim. The Angels defeated the Giants four games to three to win the franchise's first championship.

New Ownership

On May 15, 2003, Disney sold the Angels to Angels Baseball, L.P., a group headed by advertising magnate Arturo "Arte" Moreno. The sale made the Angels the first major American sports team to be owned by a Hispanic owner and also signaled the beginning of the end of Disney's involvement in professional sports.

The stadium renamed: Angel Stadium of Anaheim

In December 2003, after a seven-year run as Edison International Field of Anaheim, Edison removed its name from the stadium. The stadium was renamed Angel Stadium of Anaheim, again almost always referred to as simply Angel Stadium or, The Big A, although the original name, Anaheim Stadium, is still used by many locals. The stadium is owned by the City of Anaheim, which has shown no compunction toward changing the name. Over the years, there have been few, if any, complaints from Anaheim officials about the dropping of "of Anaheim" from common parlance when referring to the stadium.

The team renamed: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

On January 3, 2005 Angels Baseball, L.P. announced that it would change the name of the club from Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The new name sparked outrage among Anaheim and Los Angeles city leaders, who argued that a team that does not play its home games within the city or county of Los Angeles should not claim to be from Los Angeles, even though the Los Angeles Rams played many years in Anaheim without incident. They also regarded the name a lingual farce, as the English "The Angels" was mixed with the Spanish "Los Angeles," especially in a region where Spanish is so heavily used. With the support of the city of Los Angeles, The Walt Disney Company, and every city in Orange County, the city of Anaheim sued the Angels, claiming the team violated its lease with the city. The team countered that they were in full compliance with the lease, since the lease only stipulated that the team name contain "Anaheim", and the new name was well within the bounds of this stipulation. A jury trial, which concluded February 9, 2006 resulted in a verdict siding with the Angels and allowing the team to keep the new name.

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Los Angeles - Anaheim

Angels - The "Los Angeles Angels" name originates from the first Los Angeles based sports team, the Los Angeles Angels, who took the name "Angels" from the English translation of "Los Angeles", which means "The Angels" in Spanish.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim
2004 - present
  • Edison International Field
  • 1998 - 2003
  • Anaheim Stadium
  • 1965 - 1997

Los Angeles
Chavez Ravine
1962 - 1964
Wrigley Field

Arturo Moreno
2003 - Present
The Walt Disney Company 
1996 - 2003

Gene Autry
1961 - 1996


League History:
Major League Baseball
2000 - present
American League
1961 - 1999

Team History:
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2005 - present
Anaheim Angels
1997 - 2004

California Angels
1965 - 1996
Los Angeles Angels
1961 - 1964

World Series: 1

Retired Numbers:
11 Jim Fregosi
26 Gene Autry
29 Rod Carew
30 Nolan Ryan
42 Jackie Robinson
50 Jimmy Reese

Mascots: 1990 - 2002
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