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MLB My Introduction

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Hey everyone! I'm really excited to share my journey with you all. It’s amazing how accepting and supporting your kids’ dream can make you discover such things in life at the age of 34. It was totally unexpected how I was an athlete myself, but never was truly interested in playing or watching basketball my whole life. Although, I was a hard core fan of baseball. It wasn’t until my daughter started playing in a local league that for, I became interested in the sport. I started attending my daughter’s games and was amazed by the skills of young players. As I watched more games, I started to relate with those strategies and teamwork that was involved. I then further started following the NBA and MLB to learn more about games while being able to understand and support my daughter aswell. It’s weird to say it out loud but I’ve became a fan of Golden State Warriors over the time and I love watching Stephen curry’s incredible skills on the court.

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