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Franchises with a Chance to Win Their First Ever Super Bowl This Year

The NFL is already making history by playing Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. This year’s game will be the first time the Super Bowl is being held in Las Vegas, creating another strong link between the NFL and legal sports betting. Sites like bet365 are now legal in dozens of states and allow fans to bet on the Super Bowl and other NFL games. Current bet365 states include Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado, while other sportsbooks operate in many other sites.

There is a chance that history could be made by having a first-time Super Bowl winner. While some of the top favorites like the 49ers, Ravens, and Chiefs have won Super Bowls before, several teams in the upcoming NFL playoffs will strive to win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. Could one make Super Bowl LVIII even more memorable by lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time?

Buffalo Bills

No fanbase understands the heartache of losing a Super Bowl more than Bills fans. The team lost four straight Super Bowls in the early 90s and hasn’t returned to one. Granted, this hasn’t been Buffalo’s best season in recent memory. But if the Bills sneak into the playoffs, they will be a Super Bowl contender. The Bills have come on strong late in the regular season, especially on defense. Plus, as long as Josh Allen is the quarterback, the Bills can win every game. They can beat anybody with wins this season over the Dolphins, Chiefs, and Cowboys. Given the playoff experience on Buffalo’s roster from the last few years, the Bills can get back to a Super Bowl this year and win it.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are on the teams that have never been to a Super Bowl. However, they've played well late in the season and locked up a spot in the playoffs. The bad news is that the Browns will likely need to win three road playoff games to get to Super Bowl LVIII. The good news is they have the tools to get there. The Cleveland defense is led by Myles Garrett, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. Meanwhile, quarterback Joe Flacco, who has won a Super Bowl previously and has Super Bowl MVP on his resume, has taken the reins of an offense that was firing on all cylinders in December. In other words, the Browns look like the Wild Card team that could make a run in the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions

The Lions are another team that has never even played in a Super Bowl. But after winning their first division title in 30 years, it’s safe to say that this year’s Lions are different. They have one of the NFL’s most dynamic and balanced offenses, led by Jared Goff, who has previously played in a Super Bowl. Detroit is also a team with a lot of confidence thanks to head coach Dan Campbell, who has led a complete turnaround over the last couple of seasons. At the same time, the Lions are a team with a chip on their shoulder and have something to prove. That could fuel a deep playoff run that gives the Lions a chance to play in the Super Bowl and take home a championship.

Houston Texans

While Houston hasn’t officially clinched a playoff spot yet, if the Texans get in, they’ll be the most surprising playoff participant this year. First-year head coach DeMeco Ryans and rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud have led an unlikely turnaround in Houston. Of course, the Texans are a young franchise that doesn’t have the same history of losing or coming up short the way some other franchises have. They’re also a long shot if they make the playoffs and could be another year or two away from making a serious Super Bowl run. Nevertheless, Houston can’t be counted out entirely with how Stroud has performed this season.


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