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Nick Sirianni Applauds His Eagles After Their Revenge Victory Over the Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was full of praise for his team following what he termed a ‘gritty’ hard-fought win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The win over the reigning NFL Super Bowl champions at the Arrowhead Stadium leaves the Eagles at 9-1, leaving many seeing the Lincoln Financial Field franchise as the team to beat.

At the heart of the Eagles' impressive run of form is Jalen Hurts, who is well on getting his name on the list of the greatest athletes in Pennsylvania history. And if he can take Philadelphia to their first title since 2017, then stock in the quarterback will continue to rise.

The Eagles were looking to secure some revenge over the team that beat them 38-35 in the Super Bowl, and it took a great deal of heart and determination for Sirianni’s side to pull through to their eventual 21-17 victory. 

"Whoever was going to win that game was going to do it gritty, grimy, nasty, all those adjectives," 

"It was going to be that way, and the guys just stayed together and kept fighting and grinding it out, and we were able to come out on top," Sirianni stated.

Hurts was full of praise for his receivers, especially DeVonta Smith;

"It was a great catch by him, timely, a timely play in the game, just thinking about the opportunities we may have had early in the game that we didn't take advantage of," 

"All I can say is you make those plays when you need to make those plays, and I'm just happy how we responded today." Hurts added.

The Chiefs were up by ten points at half-time, and that is what will have most pleased Sirianni, who is well aware of the type of effort his side is capable of putting in;

"Yeah, just resiliency," Sirianni started. 

"I mean, it wasn't pretty; there were a lot of ugly moments in it, shoot, but they just kept fighting and staying together, and it was a good team win, where everyone just stayed together. The defense kept making plays, waiting for the offense to make a play, and we did in some critical times."

"I don't think we played clean tonight, I don't think we played to our standard, nowhere near our standard, but I think the thing that you can't test or quantify is the resilience that a team has and the ability to persevere and see through things and overcome things, and this team has that," he said. "And so, we've yet to put up a performance to our standard, but we continue to find ways to win, and when you win games like we win games, that builds a ton of character," Sirianni concluded.

Winning when not playing at your best has long been the mantra of sides that go all the way, and to be fair to the Eagles’, they are often very much on their game. As such, they don’t always need to dig so deep, but such a game plan will tend to occur when going up against the best teams in the league, such as when facing a team of Kansas City Chiefs’ evident quality. 

Next up for the Eagles is the Buffalo Bills, who they host in Game Week 12 before they welcome in the San Francisco 49ers, and once those games are done, one imagines Philadelphia will be safely confirmed as postseason material.


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