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Red Sox Looking for a Great Start in the MLB 2023 Season!

After a dismal year, the Boston Red Sox are already trying to prepare to have a better campaign in the 2023 MLB season.

The team seriously underperformed last year as they produced a losing record that saw them finish bottom of the American League East division. Alex Cora’s side managed to finish the campaign 78–84 in the second year of his second tenure at Fenway Park; 21 games behind the eventual division winners, the New York Yankees.

How are the Boston Red Sox preparing for the 2023 MLB Season?

There has been plenty of discontent from fans around how the team has been performing in recent memory, with many having vented their frustrations at the ownership. At the return of Winter Weekend following a three-year hiatus, fans made their feelings known toward the front office over a number of issues.

One of the things supporters were booing was in regard to the investment shown by the team in regard to player acquisition. There has been a feeling that the team has not been as active or spending as much as they could and this is likely to have had an impact on the preparations that the team has had for the upcoming season.

Red Sox have been making key player decisions

Although fans may feel within their rights to complain about the lack of spending and investment in players, the team has been working hard to ensure that they keep the core of its roster. This has been vitally important for Cora’s team, as they had already suffered a potentially damaging loss.

The team’s loss of team leader Xander Bogaerts will likely have a huge impact on the outcome of the 2023 MLB campaign, especially as many of the Fenway Park faithful will feel that they are yet to replace him adequately enough. The shortstop was lost during free agency to the San Diego Padres, leaving a hole in this position for the Red Sox.

What has perhaps added fuel to the fire that fans have been fanning in regard to their frustrations is the fact that the team appears to be set to move Enrique “Kiké” Hernández to that position. While there is no denying that he could be a good fit there, it perhaps highlights the unwillingness that the front office to spend when necessary.

Nonetheless, Cora has been provided with new players, as well as key extensions. These could all be suggested to be good things in regard to their preparations. Masataka Yoshida was signed to a five-year $90 million deal while Justin Turner was added via free agency. Experienced outfielder Adam Duvall was also added to the roster after signing a one-year deal with the Red Sox, while Raimel Tapia has been signed to a minor league contract.

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Elsewhere, the team has managed to extend the contract of Rafael Devers. The front office would suggest that they had shown how much they are willing to spend, though, with his deal. The slugger signed a 10-year, $313.5 million extension; a deal that perhaps shows that the team is looking to build around Devers.

Indeed, some will be pleased with the news that Devers will be sticking around for a while as they will feel that he gives them a chance of winning. Additionally, fans who may look to engage in sports betting once it goes live in the state could be left feeling pleased the 26-year-old is sticking around. With bonuses including some Promo Codes from Caesars Sportsbook in Massachusetts already made available in anticipation of the activity going legal, fans could already begin thinking about how they can use it to their advantage when wagering on the team in the future.

Devers was the team leader in regard to RBIs where he obtained 88, while he also hit the most home runs for the Red Sox last season with 27. This is something those in Massachusetts who may be considering whether to place a bet based on the slugger will perhaps want to think about once they are able to wager on the games involving their favorite team.

Can Alex Cora still work his magic?

There is no denying that more can still be done by the Boston Red Sox this off-season. There are still questions regarding the roster and with Spring Training Camp around the corner, many around Fenway Park may be feeling there will be a state of frantic panic. 

However, Cora has a history of being able to get the best out of the team. Despite having a poor season last year, he has also helped them to record-winning campaigns. For instance, the 108-game winning season the team had in 2018 was under his guidance.

He has been described by some as having the best baseball mind in the game. With the Red Sox suffering from inconsistency from year to year, he is seen as the man that can keep that going in a positive way. Nonetheless, whether he is able to work his magic with the side this season remains to be seen.

Will the 2023 MLB season be a success?

While the Boston Red Sox will be looking to have the best start to their 2023 MLB season, the million-dollar question is whether this will actually be the case.

They may have made some positive moves in the offseason, but this does not guarantee success. The team must first find a way to replace Xander Bogaerts and then ensure that the new recruits are able to gel with those already at the club.

Furthermore, their continued inability to find a consistent winning formula will be something that casts doubt on their chances of success this season. As such, many will be keen to see what Cora is able to achieve with his side in the new campaign before coming to a full conclusion as to their potential fate. 

Time will ultimately tell, but for now, there remains plenty of optimism that the Red Sox can enjoy some success in 2023.

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