1922 - Murray State University forms first intercollegiate athletic teams.

In 1922, Murray State University formed its first intercollegiate athletic teams, which included football, basketball, and track and field. The teams were organized by the school’s first athletic director, R.L. Newman, who also served as the football coach.

At the time, Murray State was known as Murray State Normal School and Teachers College, and the athletic teams were primarily composed of students who were training to become teachers. The teams played against other small colleges and high schools in the region, and their games were often attended by local residents and faculty members.

The early years of Murray State’s athletic program were marked by a lack of resources and facilities. The football team played its home games on a field located on the outskirts of town, while the basketball team played in a small gymnasium on campus. Despite these challenges, the teams were able to establish a competitive tradition that has continued to this day.