1944 WS Game1

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World Series – 1944
The 1944 World Series was an all-St. Louis World Series, matching up the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Browns at Sportsman’s Park. It marked only the third time in World Series history in which both teams had the same home field, the other two being the 1921 and 1922 World Series in the Polo Grounds in New York City. The Series was also known as the “Trolley Series,” “Streetcar Series,” or the “St. Louis Showdown.” Coincidentally, this World Series was played the same year Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released the musical film Meet Me in St. Louis.

World Series – 1942
The 1942 World Series featured the defending champion New York Yankees against the St. Louis Cardinals, with the Cardinals winning the Series in five games for their first championship since 1934 and they’re fourth overall. The 1942 St. Louis Cardinals set a franchise record for victories with 106. Every Cardinal, except for Harry Gumbert was a product of the team’s farm system which was put in place by Branch Rickey.

World Series – 1934
The 1934 World Series matched the St. Louis Cardinals against the Detroit Tigers, with the Cardinals’ “Gashouse Gang” winning in seven games for their third championship in nine years.