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10 Greatest College Football Players of All Time

Football is one of the most spectacular sports popular in America and far beyond its borders. Every year we hear about new names becoming trendsetters and role models. But ten athletes changed the world of football forever. Now you will find out who became the best of the best for the entire existence of football as a sport.

#10 Gale Sayers

Gale Sayers is a fantastic athlete who earned the nickname "Kansas Comet" during his three years at Kansas. This guy ran for 2,675 yards and scored 18 touchdowns on the ground. His teammates have said that he has no equal when it comes to speed. By the way, he became part of the College Football Hall of Fame in 1977. In addition, Sayers became an immortal Chicago Bears legend, and millions of fans around the world still remember his incredible matches.

#9 Barry Sanders

This guy still holds some records, like the record for most yards gained rushing in a season with 2,628 yards. Sanders finished with the Oklahoma State University team with 2,850 yards rushing and 42 rushing touchdowns. His teammates said, "Only a tornado can stop this guy!" By the way, He averaged 7.6 yards per carrying in that 1988 Heisman Trophy-winning season, making him a truly outstanding athlete!

#8 Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus is a fantastic athlete who boasts 374 tackles and 14.4 tackles per game. By the way, he won the Big Ten Championship in 1963 with an 8-1-1 record. By the way, Butkus was a consensus All-American in both 1963 and 1964. His teammates admired him and tried to follow his fortitude. That is why Dick Butkus has become an inspiration for many young guys who want to become football players.

#7 Earl Campbell

Campbell was a two-time first-team All-America in Austin. Plus, this guy galloped his way to nearly 1,800 yards and scored 18 times with a career-best 6.5 yards per carrying. In addition, he is a Heisman Trophy winner and boasts 5.8 yards per rush and 40 rushing TDs. This guy always knew what strategy to choose on the field. He was an inspiration to all his team members.

#6 Red Grange

Red Grange rushed for 723 yards and scored 12 touchdowns in seven games during his sophomore season, leading Illinois. In 1925 he scored five touchdowns on the ground, threw a touchdown pass, and picked off two passes against the Wolverines. Such performance is still unique because no one has been able to come close to its results. This athlete was an icon of the 30s and a role model.

#5 Jim Thorpe

This athlete reached a dizzying career in 1908. Moreover, he saw snaps as a running back, defensive back, placekicker, and punter. As a result, Thorpe rushed 191 times for 1,869 yards and helped his team win a championship, according to researchers. In addition, for the first time in history, this athlete used a unique aggressive style of play that drove his opponents crazy. That's why 8.4 yards per rush has never been a problem for him.

#4 Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin is a Heisman Trophy winner with 121.5 rushing yards per game score, which is respectable. Also, with the Buckeyes, he reached 5,589 rushing yards, which is a great number. Furthermore, this guy knew how to defeat opponents on the field tactfully and did not leave anyone a chance.

#3 Bo Jackson

Jackson rushed for 4,303 yards and 43 touchdowns on the Plains and is the fifth all-time in the SEC. By the way, 43 rushing TDs is a good number that describes how good this guy was. In addition, Bo Jackson was an extreme and hardy athlete, which allowed him to destroy his opponents in the shortest possible time.

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#2 Herschel Walker

Walker compiled 5,259 yards and 49 touchdowns, averaged 5.3 yards per carrying in his three seasons with Georgia and won the Heisman Trophy in 1982. This guy knew how to overcome the pressure on the pitch in seconds. Moreover, his speed discouraged even experienced athletes. By the way, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999. Such an event is quite natural, given how clean and confident he played in different positions.

#1 Jim Brown

Jim Brown is one of the most famous Hall of Famers in history. The fact is that Jim Brown was a versatile athlete who played football, basketball, and lacrosse. In addition, he is known as a senior and finished fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting. He set school records for the highest season rush average (6.2), and many athletes dream of repeating his achievement. This guy has won several trophies and is one of the most dedicated players.

Legends That Will Never Be Forgotten

These athletes are mainly on this list because of their passion for football. In addition, they showed excellent results and even managed to set records that they still have not been able to break. All these athletes have become true legends thanks to their unconventional approach to gameplay and teamwork. That is why their greatness is difficult to dispute. In addition, they became icons of their time, and even now, their achievements look like something extraordinary.

Final Word

The above athletes have become football stars thanks to their hard work and desire for the championship. For these guys, there were no barriers, no matter what opponent they were opposed to. So they are remembered by millions of fans across America and beyond. These people made a significant contribution to the history of football and set new trends that are relevant even today. Many perceive them as the Olympic gods, and there is a grain of truth. These athletes deserve to be among the ten greatest football players. Fans worldwide will never forget their brilliant performances on the field and the dizzying result.

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