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Giants vs. Jets: Who Is the Main New Jersey Football Team?

New Jersey is home to two major NFL teams: the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Both teams share MetLife Stadium and have a vast amount of admirers. This article will dive into the historical background, achievements, and supporters of each. We will also discuss some head-to-head matchups and the debate about returning to New York.

New York Giants

The New York Giants are considered an NFL team with a big history and fan base. Despite highs and lows, they remain a crucial league player. Here's a closer look at what makes the Giants interesting to watch.

Historical Background

The New York Giants are one the oldest NFL, founded in 1925. The NFC East Division includes The Giants as a part of it. Even despite a thorny path, they have carved out a historical football mark. The Giants Ring of Honor recognizes the greatest and most influential people in the organization's history, from players to coaches and executives.


Regarding achievements, the NY Giants have won four Super Bowl titles, with the latest victory coming in the 2011 season. The main key players over the years include Eli Manning, who has been named Super Bowl MVP twice, and Lawrence Taylor, considered the greatest defensive player. The kicker, Graham Gano, had a huge field goal percentage of 90.6%, enhancing the Giants' odds in many games.

Fan Base

The Giants have a massive and dedicated fan base in New Jersey and also across the nation and the world. From filling up MetLife Stadium on game days to keeping track of stats, the supporters are a substantial part of the Giants' identity.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are a professional football team competing in the National Football League (NFL). Despite its name, the squad is located in New Jersey, playing many home games at MetLife Stadium. Over the years, the Jets have become a significant NFL landscape part, offering competitive football and major contributions to social causes. The history, achievements, and fan base of the New York Jets make them famous in the gaming context and also in terms of NFL betting.

Historical Background

The New York Jets, founded in 1959, are a football team in New Jersey. The Jets are also in the American Football Conference (AFC) East division and compete in the NFL. Over the years, the Jets have become recognizable NFL teams within the league and the broader scope of American sports culture.


The New York Jets have had a storied NFL history. They famously won Super Bowl III by defeating the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. The Jets' performance in the 2022 season was a rollercoaster ride. They had a strong start with a Week 7 victory over the Denver Broncos. However, a late-season collapse crushed playoff hopes. Despite a 7-10 record for the season, the defense showed significant improvements, ranking fourth in scoring and yardage. Additionally, the Jets won both Offensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year in the same season, a rare feat achieved by first-round picks Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner.

Fan Base

The fans are known for unwavering support despite some struggles. NFL betting often sees a lot of action in Jets games, indicating the fan's involvement and engagement with the players. The Jets' commitment to social responsibility resonates well with fans. For instance, they recently donated $1 million to aid Ukrainian relief efforts, adding another layer to the public image.

Why Do These Teams Play at MetLife Stadium?

MetLife Stadium is a favorite field for the Jets and the Giants, a rare NFL arrangement. Having two teams share a stadium might raise some eyebrows, but there are several compelling reasons for such a unique setup.

Economical Benefits

Building and maintaining a world-class stadium is not cheap. Sharing costs between two teams makes it more economically viable and allows both teams to benefit from top-notch facilities without the financial burden falling solely on one organization. Such economic efficiency extends to shared operational and maintenance costs.

Location and Accessibility

Stadium is strategically located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just miles from New York City. It offers easy accessibility for fans from New York and New Jersey, serving a larger public base for both teams. The stadium's proximity to various public transport options makes it convenient.

Rivalry and Market Dynamics

The Jets and the Giants have a massive following, and their cohabitation of a stadium adds a unique atmosphere to the NFL season. Sharing a stadium amplifies the local rivalry and engages fans at a new level.

Scheduling Flexibility

The NFL season is relatively short, and games are usually played on Sundays. Likewise, it’s easier to coordinate them while using the stadium. While scheduling conflicts are not entirely avoidable, they are manageable, and the benefits of sharing a space often outweigh the challenges.

Branding and Sponsorship

Finally, the branding opportunities are magnified when two teams call the same stadium home. Sponsors find it appealing to associate their names with a venue that gets double the exposure, increasing the overall revenue generated through advertising and sponsorship deals.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Despite sharing a city and a stadium, the Giants and Jets don't meet often during regular season due to being in different conferences. Beginning in 2021, an extra inter-conference game was introduced, allowing these teams to meet as often as every other year, aside from their annual preseason matchups.

Memorable Matchups

  • 1988 Regular Season: In such a critical game, the Giants were favorites but failed to secure a victory, ultimately losing to the Jets 27-21. The loss eliminated the Giants from playoff contention.
  • 2011 Regular Season: In a game filled with tension and trash talk, the Giants defeated the Jets 29-14. That game was a turning point for the Giants, who won Super Bowl XLVI later that season.
  • 2015 Regular Season: The teams faced a nail-biter that ended in overtime. The Jets broke a long losing streak against the Giants, winning 23-20.
  • 2019 Regular Season: The latest meeting between the Jets and Giants was another close contest, with the Jets taking the game 34-27. This was the Jets' second consecutive win against the Giants.

Future Meetings

The next scheduled game between these teams is on October 29, 2023. Given the current win streak by the Jets, it will be interesting to see if the Giants can level the field or if the Jets will extend their winning ways.

The Sibling Rivalry

Over the years, the Jets and Giants' relationship has often been called a "sibling rivalry” since both teams play and share a stadium. Although, questions remain about a "real rivalry," given the infrequency of regular-season meetings.

Is it Time for the Jets and Giants to Return to New York?

Both teams have been playing their home games in New Jersey for many years despite carrying the "New York" label. This has led to debates and even legal disputes about whether it's time for these teams to return to New York. Factors such as stadium costs, crowd sentiment, and logistical issues all come into play. While there's no easy answer, the question remains a topic of discussion for fans and city officials alike.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Giants and Jets, despite their infrequent clashes, possess a rivalry that runs deep within the New York metropolitan area. Their cohabitation at the iconic MetLife Stadium makes economic sense adding some intrigue of competition to their relationship. The question of whether these teams should return to New York proper is complex, and tied to numerous logistical and historical considerations. However, what remains indisputable is the enduring appeal of their matchups, which stand out as highlights on the NFL calendar.

This unique dynamic, where two NFL franchises call New Jersey home and are embraced by New York, showcases the power of sports to transcend geographical boundaries. Considering their physical location, the Giants and Jets will continue to draw fervent public support and provide memorable moments that resonate with football enthusiasts throughout the region. Their shared stadium serves as an interwoven sports culture symbol, reminding us that in the world of football, the spirit of competition knows no borders.


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