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History Of Los Angeles FC Ownership and Team

If you are visiting Los Angeles or maybe you are just researching teams to bet on, then one to take note of is the Los Angeles FC. This team has surmounted all odds and cemented its place in Major League Soccer.

This post will take you through some information on the Los Angeles Football Club, the team’s history, ownership, squad membership, and other things you should know. As a fan, you can also bet on the results of Los Angeles FC for a chance to win money. While soccer odds may not be as popular as National Championship betting odds in America, they still provide an excellent chance to win money.

History and Future Projections

Los Angeles FC has a vibrant history that dates back to 2014, when founding owners Henry Nguyen, Peter Guber, Larry Berg, and Tom Penn saw the potential of bringing Major League Soccer to the City of Angels. Their collective vision, ambition, and passion for soccer led them to assemble an ownership group of eight dedicated individuals that could help LAFC reach its full potential.

Los Angeles FC Primary Logo 2018 - PresentSports Team History

Los Angeles FC Primary Logo 2018 - Present

Since its inception, LAFC has enjoyed incredible success, winning multiple championships and establishing itself as one of the top teams in MLS. They achieved this feat on the pitch through coach Bob Bradley who joined them at inception. On the pitch, LAFC has employed a combination of shrewd signings and careful recruitment, allowing the team to establish a strong presence in the league.

Meanwhile, off the field, LAFC’s ownership has been instrumental in growing the club’s fan base, developing a robust home-grown base of players, and putting together one of the most dynamic and talented teams in MLS. In its nine-year history, Los Angeles FC has grown from an ambitious idea to one of the preeminent clubs in Major League Soccer. With its ambitious owners backing it up, LAFC’s future looks very bright, and fans will be excited about what this great team can accomplish in the coming years.


Los Angeles FC was founded in 2014 by a group of innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who saw the potential of bringing Major League Soccer (MLS) to Los Angeles. Their collective vision, ambition, and passion for soccer have made LAFC the successful club it is today.

Los Angeles FC is now owned by a group of eight dedicated individuals responsible for the club’s substantial growth since 2014. These current owners include Henry Nguyen, Peter Guber, Larry Berg, Tom Penn, Bennett Rosenthal, Brandon Beck, Mark Walter, and Mack Price. This diverse and experienced ownership team has provided LAFC with the financial backing and strategic direction to propel it to the top of Major League Soccer.

The success achieved by LAFC in recent seasons is a testament to its owners' commitment, ambition, and passion. Their financial investment has allowed the club to assemble a formidable team, win multiple championships, and firmly establish itself as one of the top clubs in MLS. If you love to bet on soccer, the excellent track record of this team means they are a great option to add to your accumulator.

The Team

The squad membership comprises a talented group of players and coaches who have come together to make LAFC one of the most successful teams in Major League Soccer. The player roster includes some of the top talents in MLS, with experienced veterans, promising youngsters, and international stars all on the team’s roster. Some notable names who played for the team include Carlos Vela, Giorgio Chiellini, and Gareth Bale. From its inception, LAFC has focused on developing a solid home-grown base of players, and this has been key in allowing the club to bring through some of the top talents from its academy and USL affiliate teams.

The coaching staff at LAFC has also been integral to the team's success. Led by Head Coach Bob Bradley, LAFC has established a culture of competitive excellence, with the team consistently performing at the highest level. The coaching staff has also been instrumental in allowing LAFC to develop a robust player development system, with the team regularly bringing through young talents and deploying established stars effectively.

Wrap Up

We have taken a trip through the history of the Los Angeles Football Club and highlighted the intricate details. This team has been built to compete and succeed in the MLS and beyond. With significant backing from the owners, there are possibilities for sustained success in the future.

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