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Scottie Pippen and His Infamous Impact on the Chicago Bulls 6 Championship Wins

The most famous player to play for the Chicago Bulls was undoubtedly Michael Jordan. What about his famous sidekick, Scottie Pippen? The two played together for the Chicago Bulls for 10 seasons, yet most people know much less about Scottie Pippen than they should. With 2 Olympic Gold medals and a statue of himself at the United Centre, he was undoubtedly an instrumental figure in the success of The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan's legacy. The Bulls act as a company that evaluates players' performance before drafting them, and they are evaluated correctly when choosing Pippen.

As a type of underdog and a player unable to attain as much spotlight as the larger-than-life Michael Jordan, this player's history and positive impact on the game during his time with the Chicago Bulls is a highly stimulating story.

The Evolution of Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls
Pippen's walk to Basketball fame was a bit of a surprise to the player himself. At only 6 feet 1 inch, Pippen left his high school basketball team to start helping behind the scenes at the University of Central Arkansas as a basketball manager before receiving a spot on the team. The fact that he grew to be 6 feet and 7 inches within his first year significantly impacted that.

After his stint on the college basketball team, Pippen was the 1987 draft pick for the Chicago Bulls. His first stint with the Chicago Bulls lasted 11 years, till 1998. During this time, NBA history was made. From 1991 - 1998, the Chicago Bulls did what no team had ever done; they won 6 titles during these 8 years. Under the coaching and leadership of Phil Jackson, the team managed to succeed in a way that no other team had ever before.

The role that Scottie Pippen played in the Chicago Bulls is one of the main reasons the team succeeded as well as it did. Michael Jordan would not have been able to be as great as he was a shooting guard if Pippen hadn't been there supporting him as a small forward, and the scores below prove the great team effort by all members.

The Final Scores and Results from the 6 Championship Wins for the Chicago Bulls

  • 1991: They took on the Los Angeles Lakers for the title of NBA Champions. Together, Pippen and Jordan scored a remarkable 62 points. It's the last game of the famous Magic Johnsson, who left in fashion with a triple-double and 20 assists. It was a nail-biting game that scored 114 - 103 in favor of the Bulls.
  • 1992: The following year, the Bulls played the Portland Trail Blazers. Out of the 6 games played, the Bulls managed to win 4, making them the undefeated champions for 2 years running. The Bulls beat the Trail Blazers 97 - 93 in the final game. Pippen had 125 points during the 6 games.
  • 1993: For the third year, the competitors were the Phoenix Suns. Again, the Bulls managed to win 4 of the 6 games and won the final match 99 - 91, nail-bitingly close with Pippen averaging more than 20 points per game.
  • 1996: This year saw the Bulls making a comeback playing against the Seattle Supersonics. In true Chicago Bulls fashion, the Bulls won 4 to 2 matches, and Pippen scored 94 points. The final resulted in a score of 87 - 75.
  • 1997: Utah Jazz was the competitor of the Chicago Bulls, where the Bulls won 4 matches to 2, with a final score of 90 - 86 with Pippen's average of 20 points.
  • 1998: The final of the special 6 years the dream team experienced. Again, against Utah Jazz, the Bulls won 4 matches to 2, with Pippen scoring 64 points. The final score was 87 - 86.


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