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Sports History Group’s New Partnership


Sports History Group LLC is excited to announce a partnership with the non-profit organization Footsteps Missions. For 2022, all sales of any sold branding products and the total profits of both websites, Sports Logo History and Sports Team History, will be donated to Footsteps Missions organization. This donation will allow the continuation of humanitarian efforts through Footsteps services. Our partnership is to help fund those in need, and we support the many ministries of Footsteps Missions. Please help support a worthy cause in a world of need.

Footsteps Missions is a non-profit organization compelled to answer Christ’s call to holistically serve the forgotten, the orphaned, and the unjustly-treated people of the world by meeting their real needs in the hopes of fostering people of character and children of God. We accomplish this mission in two critical ways. Our ongoing ministries, including the Garden of Love and Hope Home in Honduras and our English Learning Camps, are youth-focused programs in which Footsteps operates directly to connect, nurture, and grow Christ-centered relationships for children and their families.

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