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The Greatest Seasons Ever by MLB Hitter

Baseball is an almost uniquely an American thing and has been a part of US DNA for over a hundred years. The stories surrounding the best players of all time, as well as their legendary careers, are the stuff of legend, and there are plenty of things to look at when it comes to determining who has had the best season ever. 

Due to baseball both being very old and completely obsessed with statistics, it’s easy to go back and look through the books and try to decipher the best performances over a season. Whether you like to bet on baseball through, for example, a free bookmaker website or not, this text might act as a fun bit of trivia. 

The Game has Changed an Incredible Amount

At the same time, baseball is nothing like when Babe Ruth demolished pitchers. Even if the game's basic rules have remained essentially the same, the players have become faster and stronger, leading to a much more intense style of play. Therefore it might be unfair to compare players from the 60s to the present day, but here we’re only going to be comparing stats head-to-head as this is the fairest way of going about it.  

Due to the way pitchers throw in the present day and the increased emphasis on power and Home Runs, strikeouts have increased significantly. Due to this, it’s also unlikely that we will see a similar season to the one we’ve listed in this article. Regardless if these two hitters didn’t face closers throwing 100 mph, the feats that these two players managed are not to be scoffed at only because there was no proper way of determining exit velocity.  If you’re looking for more stats, ESPN sports is one of the best sources to turn to. 

Babe Ruth’s 1924 season

Ruth Babe New York Yankees

Babe Ruth's 1921 is undoubtedly the best season a Baseball player has ever played. Posting a whopping BA of .378 with 59 Home Runs and 171 RBI, this monstrous season is unlikely to be repeated. Having gone to the Yankees from The Red Sox in 1920 and nearly doubling his previous home run record, nobody expected him to be able to continue improving in the coming year. But Ruth didn’t only match his previous year, and he exceeded it. Some seasons later, he would surpass these numbers, but he would never have a season of such extraordinary performance.  

Nap Lajoie 1901  

Going back over a century to the turn of the century, we find one of the most exciting seasons ever played in baseball. Lajoie was a force to be reckoned with in the NL. After a tough season in the Phillies, he jumped to their intercity rivals, the fledgling AL, and the newly named Cleveland Naps. The American League was a long way away from the level of play on display in the NL, something that allowed him to record the highest batting average ever across the NL and the AL, with a whopping .426.

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