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The Multi-Sports History of Thomas Dundon

Many sports fans are usually preoccupied with daily fantasy sites such as FanDuel or Draftkings. They may even be obsessed with great sports betting websites such as

However, sports fans need to be aware of the background of prominent sports owners. In this piece, we will cover Carolina Hurricanes owner Thomas Dundon.

Thomas Dundon was born in New York and grew up in Texas. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Soon after graduating, he would hit the ground running concerning business ventures. He became a restaurant owner and cofounded a subprime automobile financing business. This business would be known as Santander Consumer USA, the U.S. consumer finance arm of Banco Santander. Thomas Dundon would remain with the company until 2015. During his tenure in Santander Consumer USA, Thomas Dundon would purchase a majority stake in TopGolf, a famous sports entertainment company. He also serves as the director of TopGolf.

After his tenure with Santander Consumer USA,  Thomas Dondon started his own company. It was named Dundon Capital Partners.   Dundon Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on the credit investment and private equity space.  

Thomas Dondon would also serve as the majority owner of a healthcare services firm by Employer Direct. Dondon has made significant waves concerning real estate investing in Dallas, Texas, and Aspen, Colorado.

Thomas Dundon purchased the real estate location in which both Dundon Capital Partners and Employer Direct are located.

He also co-founded a golf course known as the Trinity Forest Golf Club. The Trinity Forest Golf Club was the former location for the AT&T Byron Nelson Classic. Dundon’s latest business venture involves the sport of pickleball.    

Recently, Dundon Capital Partners acquired a pickleball retail site called Pickleball Central. They also secured a partnership with the Professional Pickleball Association.  

Thomas Dundon would purchase the Carolina Hurricanes on January 12th, 2018. Three years after the purchase, Dundon would buy out all of the franchise’s minority shares to become the franchise's sole owner.  

In February 2019, Thomas Dundon would venture into professional football. He was named the chairman of a league known as the Alliance of American Football.  (AAF)

Dondon set up a line of credit for the AAF worth 250 million dollars. This move was made to prevent a potentially damaging financial situation early in the league's tenure.    

Despite his best efforts, the funds set up by Dondon were spent at an unsustainable pace by the league. Thomas Dundon would shut the league down in April 2019. 

In his first entire season as owner, the Carolina Hurricanes would end up making the playoffs for the 1st time in ten years. The Carolina Hurricanes have made the playoffs every year during his tenure and are well on their way to making the playoffs again this season.

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