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The Passionate History of the Boston Bruins

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Even if you’re only a little bit interested in US sports, you’ll still likely be familiar with the name The Boston Bruins. Playing their home games at the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts, this is, arguably, one of the most interesting and iconic franchises in the history of the National Hockey League.  Founded almost 100 years ago, back in 1924, the Bruins have a rich and impressive history that has attracted some of the most loyal fans from the very beginning. From their earliest days, as they struggled to make their name - to their multiple Stanley Cup victories, this team has left an undeniable mark on the world of professional ice hockey.

The Early Years: 1924-1930

So, let’s start at the very beginning. The Boston Bruins were established on November 1, 1924 - making them one of the Original Six NHL teams. The team played their first home game just one month later, on December 1, 1924 at the Boston Arena where they faced off against the Montreal Canadiens. It was in that very same season that the Bruins would win their first NHL game - also against the Canadiens. 

As is the case with many newly established teams, their early years were a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but it was when they came under the guidance of head coach Art Ross that they started to show real promise.

In the 1928-1929 season, the Bruins, led by coach Ross and their star defenceman Eddie Shore, made history  - as they won their very first Stanley Cup. It was this huge win that first established them as a real force to be reckoned with in the league.

The Bobby Orr Era: 1960s-1970s

The next main notable era came in the 1960s - which saw the emergence of the legendary player that was Bobby Orr. Still famous to this day, Orr became known for his unmatched skill and dynamic gameplay. He very much revolutionized the defenceman position. As such, it was his arrival in Boston in 1966 that went on to set the stage for a long period of continued success for the team.

It was in this era that The Bruins won their second Stanley Cup - during the 1969-1970 season. Alongside lifting the cup with his team, Orr also won the Norris Trophy as the league's best defenceman. This was no one-off either - they repeated their championship success in the 1971-1972 season. However, it was the 1970 Stanley Cup win that sticks in most fans' memory - as the championship ended up being won by Orr's iconic overtime goal against the St. Louis Blues. His dominance in the league led to lots of different awards,

 - including several Hart Trophies and no fewer than eight consecutive Norris Trophies.

The Ray Bourque Era: 1980s-2000

Ray Bourque Boston BruinsSports Team History
There was a bit of a lull after this era - until the 1980s and 1990s. This was when Ray Bourque became the face of the Boston Bruins. Bourque, who was another legendary defenceman, spent the majority of his impressive career in Boston and although the team didn’t ever win the Stanley Cup when he played for the team, his overall impact - both on and off the ice was undeniable. He was consistently ranked among the top players in the NHL and set numerous records.

Although they never won a Championship during this time, that isn’t to say he isn't still a legend within the team. Indeed, quite the opposite - as the team retired his jersey number 77 and he went on to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

A 21st-Century Success Team

Some of the younger fans of the team may already be well aware that the early 21st century brought a certain amount of success to the Boston Bruins. Indeed, the 2010-2011 season was a huge moment in the team's history, as they managed to win their first Stanley Cup in almost 40 years. The team, led by captain Zdeno Chara, defeated the Vancouver Canucks in a nail-biting and edge-of-the-seat seven-game series. Tim Thomas was even awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoffs' MVP.

It’s fair to say that their Stanley Cup win in 2011 went a long way to reigniting the passion of their famously fiery fan base - and it established a whole new era of competitive hockey in the state. They are now always considered top contenders and, more often than not, make the playoffs.

Main Rivalries

Given the passion that the team invokes, it is little surprise that The Boston Bruins have some of the most intense rivalries in the NHL. Probably the longest of them all is with the Montreal Canadiens - which dates all the way back to their very first game in the 1920s. In fact, this is one of the longest rivalries in the world of professional sports. As such, any game where these two go head-to-head is guaranteed to get plenty of attention.

They also have a pretty intense rivalry with the New York Rangers - and these two teams have certainly created a number of memorable moments during their games.

The Boston Bruins have always been - and will always be one of the most iconic teams in the NHL. With a history filled with championship wins, legendary players - and some seriously intense rivalries, they never leave their fans wanting and we are sure they will be a huge presence in the ice hockey world for many years to come.


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