Indiana Pacers Championship Ring 1970

1970 - ABA Finals Winner 1970

The 1970 ABA Playoffs was the postseason tournament of the American Basketball Association’s 1969 – 1970 season. The tournament concluded with the Eastern Division champion Indiana Pacers defeating the Western Division champion Los Angeles Stars, four games to two in the ABA Finals.

The Indiana Pacers finished the season with the league’s best regular-season record (59-25, .702) before going on to win the ABA championship. This same feat was accomplished by the Oakland Oaks during the prior season and by the Pittsburgh Pipers in the year before that.

The Pacers became the first ABA champions to return in the same form for the following season. The Oakland Oaks became the Washington Caps for the 1969-1970 ABA season; the Pittsburgh Pipers had become the Minnesota Pipers after winning the ABA championship the prior season.

Roger Brown of Indiana was the Most Valuable Player of the ABA playoffs.