1952 - Dallas Texans (Colts) Team Formation

A dallas-based group led by a young millionaire, Giles Miller, bought what was ostensibly a new franchise the first-ever major league team based in Texas. However, it also acquired the entire Yanks roster. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Miller’s group bought the Yanks and moved them to Dallas. Home games were scheduled to be played at the Cotton Bowl. Miller originally wanted to name the team the Rangers, but later decided to name them the Texans instead. As it turned out, this would be the last game the Texans would play in Dallas. Unable to meet payroll or get financial support from area businessmen (an important factor even in those days), Miller returned the team to the league on November 14 with five games to go in the season. The NFL moved the franchise’s operations to Hershey, Pennsylvania though it kept the “Dallas Texans” name. It also moved the Texans’ last two home games out of Dallas, making them a traveling team.