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The Biggest NFL Team Rivalries in the NFL History

The NFL is the biggest American football league in the world. The NFL Super Bowl, the confrontation between the champions of the two conferences of this tournament, is one of the sporting events with the most international audience.

However, sometimes the best games are not always played in the final, but rather preceded by an old rivalry, with blows to spare and crazy scores. Below we will tell you which are the four most important NFL classics so that you can prepare your next NFL spreads bets.

We bring four classic NFL team rivalries that attract international attention and generate the most bets.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Washington Redskins

According to the records of the games these two American giants have played, their rivalry started in the 1960s when the Dallas Cowboys debuted in the NFL.

Since that moment and with the historical stigma of both teams' names, each match played was a true spectacle for the fans of this sport. Although from the middle of the 20th century to date, they have had fewer than 113 confrontations, the cowboys continue to hold the highest number of games won.

Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears

With their first match played in 1921, this is probably the oldest rivalry in the National Football League, with a total of 196 games played to date.

Despite their age-old antagonism and the fact that every game is a real party, they have only played two postseason games, and in both cases, each one has a victory.

Oakland Raiders Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Oakland Raiders team has not had great moments in the league in recent years. However, during the 70s, it was one of the most incisive and dominant rivals. Its biggest opponents were the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had an effective attack and a powerful defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders 1976Twitter

During those years, the matches played by these teams were very intense and acclaimed by their followers, to the point that a very controversial play between George Atkinson and Lynn Swann ended up in court.

Currently, the matches between both franchises are no longer as renowned as they were then. However, the tradition of considering them classic still prevails.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

And, of course, the rivalry between these two teams with very different and authentic play styles could not be missing. Their rivalry had a significant boom during the 70s.

These two teams are the most popular in Latin America, and together with the New England Patriots, they have attracted many overseas fans for a few decades.

So far, the Cowboys and Steelers have played in the Super Bowl three times, with Pittsburgh being the most favored team with two wins.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the most exciting and intense rivalries in NFL history, in our opinion. The most interesting aspect of these mentioned clashes is that they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. 

Do you think we missed any of the big team rivalries? We will be open to having your input. Thanks for reading!

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