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Who are the Best Premier League Teams in 2022?

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When it comes to retaining the Premier League title, Manchester City definitely is still at the top among fans, but they are surely getting some stiff competition from Chelsea and Liverpool. The League has almost reached what is known as the Christmas hallway point of the year. Hence these three clubs are really what people have on their minds when it comes to contenders. But here, in this article, we are going to have a look at all the favorite teams of the Premier League in 2022, and you can get some additional info on the Premier League top-four race.

Manchester City

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City are sharing out the goals this season

Known for their finesse and professionalism, you cannot make a list of the best teams in the Premier League and not include Manchester City – it simply isn't possible. They dominate the selection from every perspective. Even though some might argue that their latest form did not keep up with the audience's expectations, you cannot deny that they are one of the top teams in Europe. It is now a real nail-biter as to who will win the title, and only time will tell, but by the next few games, it should become clearer as to what's in store for City's fate. As far as the defensive records go, Manchester City has the best one in the League, and Ederson has been super reliable throughout.


If you have been watching the game for the past couple of seasons, you surely know that Chelsea has come a long way in improving its team and becoming a serious title challenger. Thomas Tuchel has been an excellent guiding light for them, kept the team cohesive, and even led them to their second title in the Champions League the previous season. Thiago Silva and Antonio Rudiger are two of the most famous names in the defense line of the team, and Antonio has been fantastic this season and received appreciation the world over. 


If you are trying to figure out who will win Premier League 2022, you cannot forget another name from this list: Arsenal. They did start the season a bit shakily but later on, found some renewed energy that shook off the doubt from the minds of all critics. The defense of the team in this season, coupled with their forward strikes, has been commendable, and all thanks to Mikel Arteta. Arsenal has definitely brought a youthful touch to the League because of being the youngest side here. In all the 134 corners they have faced so far, they are yet to concede a single goal. They have also set another commendable record in the League; that is, they have conceded five goals that were from set pieces.    

As a set-piece specialist, the Gunners took over Nicolas Jover at the beginning of this season, and ever since then, he has definitely worked some miracles with the team. 

West Ham

West Ham has done far beyond what everyone expected from them over the years, and this year, with David Moyes, they continue their stellar performance. Two seasons ago, they had finished at the 16th position, and if you see them this season, it would really look like they have taken a lesson or two from the past. This has made their fans believe in them even more. They have the league veteran Lukasz Fabianksi, but apart from him, they have two other solid players; Kurt Zouma and Craig Dawson. They did have more potential in the Premier League than their current performance suggests, but there's nothing to worry about as the Europa League campaign is just around the corner. 

Wrap Up

When it comes to elite-level football, the Premier League is always on the top, and it houses some of the richest and biggest teams in the world. Unlike in other parts of Europe, where only a couple of clubs are dominant in the League, here, multiple players have an equal power balance, as you have seen in the list above. But apart from the teams mentioned, there are several other big names that are not included here, for example, Liverpool and Tottenham. All these teams have been successful on a consistent basis, and if you want to watch the Premier League, prior knowledge about them is mandatory.

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