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How Sue Bird Made History with the Seattle Storm and the WNBA

Born Suzanne Brigit Bird, Sue Bird is a spectacular athlete who has won just about all the accolades out there for a lady basketballer. She has made history in her country of birth and also on the world stage at the Olympic games. We admire her tenacity and grit - she works hard to keep herself fit on and off the court.

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One of the ways in which Sue keeps her body in excellent condition is in her kitchen. She met with a nutritionist six years ago who helped her carve a diet that worked best for her energy and nutritional needs. Sue has stuck with this diet and it has helped keep her in top form on and off the court. What made her see a nutritionist in the first place was a need to improve her playing because her game had taken a bit of a dip, the diet change helped her refuel properly for her games and general health. 

Some of the food she eats includes kale, spinach, egg sandwiches, and bagels. Special mention to bagels! Sue has indicated she has an extraordinary relationship with them. Also, her diet is mostly gluten and dairy-free. She stays off gluten during the season as she discovered she has a small gluten allergy. She is able to consume it in small, controlled portions.

Weekly tip

We love Sue’s diet and this week we have identified discounted ingredients from the  Acme weekly circular that you can also munch on to set you on the same path and improve your health. She mentioned that she especially loves egg sandwiches with leafy greens, sauteed onions, and two eggs, usually on a gluten-free bagel or English muffin. Organic fruit and vegetables are also good options.

Let’s have a look at Ms. Bird’s history and accolades.


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Sue was born in New York on 16 October 1980 to parents Herschel and Nancy Bird. She has an older sister, Jennifer. She has been a sportswoman since childhood, having displayed great affinity in track and field, tennis, soccer, and of course, basketball.

Basketball Journey

Her walk with basketball began when she was in grade school and has carried on until recently when she had to have knee surgery. She wears the number 10 because she and her sister were both born in the 10th month. (How sweet?) Her accolades are as follows:

  1. Four-time WNBA Champion
  2. All-time WNBA assists leader
  3. All-time WNBA career in starts - she has never been on the bench in her 18 years as a professional basketball player
  4. Four-time Olympic Gold medalist
  5. Four-time FIBA World gold medalist
  6. Two-time NCAA Champion
  7. Recognized as one of the greatest players in the WNBA league history as she was named as one of the W25 at their 25th anniversary.
  8. First player in WNBA history to score 5000 career points and record 2000 assists on Aug 2, 2015, in front of friends and family in New York.
  9. At the Tokyo Games, Sue was the most decorated FIBA World Cup athlete in history (both male and female athletes), owning four gold medals and one bronze medal.
  10. Eighth WNBA player to play in a game for the Seattle Storm after turning 40.


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Sue is engaged to American Female soccer star Megan Rapinoe. She first announced their relationship in 2017 at an interview with ESPN; the two got engaged in 2018. These lovebirds host a live show on Instagram called ‘A Touch More’ where they have Saturday night drinks and invite some guests.

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