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Patriot League
American Eagles Primary Logo 2006 - Present

American Eagles

Established: 1893
NCAA Championships: 0

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Army Black Knights Primary Logo 2015 - Present

Army Black Knights

Established: 1902
NCAA Championships: 5

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Boston Terrier Primary Logo 2015 - Present

Boston Terrier

Established: 1939
NCAA Championships: 0

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Bucknell Bisons Primary Logo 2002 - Present

Bucknell Bisons

Established: 1846
NCAA Championships: 0

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Colgate Raiders Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Colgate Raiders

Established: 1819
NCAA Championships: 0

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Holy Cross Crusaders Primary Logo 2018 - Present

Holy Cross Crusaders

Established: 1843
NCAA Championships: 2

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Lafayette Leopards Primary Logo 2010 - Present

Lafayette Leopards

Established: 1926
NCAA Championships: 0

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Lehigh Mountain Hawks Primary Logo 2004 - Present

Lehigh Mountain Hawks

Established: 1865
NCAA Championships: 0

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Loyola-Maryland Greyhounds Primary Logo 2011 - Present

Loyola-Maryland Greyhounds

Established: 1852
NCAA Championships: 0

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Navy Midshipmen Primary Logo 2014 - Present

Navy Midshipmen

Established: 1845
NCAA Championships: 1

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Patriot League School History

The Patriot League is one of history's most storied and successful college athletic conferences. Founded in 1986, the league has produced some of the greatest athletes, coaches, and teams ever taken to a field or court. From legendary football programs such as Lehigh University's "Marching 97" to basketball powerhouses like Bucknell University's Bison Squad, this esteemed conference has no shortage of amazing stories.

As its name implies, much of the Patriot League’s success can be attributed to its strong sense of patriotism and loyalty among member schools. This commitment was born on November 7th, 1987, when all eight original members signed an agreement stating their intent “to foster a spirit which promotes mutual respect between institutions for academic excellence with emphasis on intercollegiate athletics." This pact served as both a foundation for future growth and recognition of NCAA Division I status in 1990; it also established key principles such as gender equity across all sports (a rarity at that time), strict admissions standards for student-athletes regardless if they were recruited or walk-ons, and providing generous scholarships without sacrificing competitive balance amongst member schools.

Despite increased competition from other conferences around the college sports landscape, these values are still alive within each program. The Patriot League continues to produce outstanding competitors who excel academically while competing athletically at high levels - making them true student-athletes! It’s no wonder many alumni proudly look back fondly upon their days spent playing under these flags – it was something special!

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