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The Three-Peat History of Georgia Bulldogs Football

As one of the top contenders of the NCAA of Football, the Georgia Bulldogs has a solid and eventful history that spans over 100 years when the University of Georgia was looking for a capable football team for collegiate events in 1892. Since then, the team has faced over 1,000 official games with a strong playing record of 868 wins as of 2023. 

Check out this article for a short snippet of Georgia Bulldog's history, from their humble roots and historical three-peat history that cemented their place as the greatest and most notable years in various seasonal games where the team has been in the spotlight at the time. 

The Roots

Before Georgia Bulldogs were a consistent favorite on NCAAF betting platforms, they began as a humble team in 1892 led by Dr. Charles Herty as the head coach, which led their first 1-1 record against Mercen in Athens. Afterward, Georgia fought against Auburn at Piedmont Park, which led to a 10-0 loss for Georgia, which sparked a long-term rivalry between the teams. 

In 1980, the Bulldogs won the 1980 national championship under the guidance of coach Vince Dooley. At his time, the Bulldogs earned an impressive record of 201 wins and 77 losses until he was replaced by Mark Richt, which led to 40 more recorded wins after 1989.

By 2001, Mark Richt took over as the head coach over Dooley and brought the Bulldogs the 2002 and 2005 SEC Championships and nine other season wins. 

Over time, the Bulldogs had competed in several other super bowl games until the games of 2015, when the Bulldogs faced one of its more significant losses, with Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee catching up on their 21-point lead. With that said, Mark Richt was immediately replaced by UGA Alumni Kirby Smart as the head coach.

As of 2023, Kirby Smart is still the head coach leading the Bulldogs in future games with outstanding performances under his belt in the 2021 and 2022 season games. 

The Three-Peat History

Most known contenders of the NCAA of Football have record-breaking achievements and wins under their name. Still, the Georgia Bulldogs held an impressive achievement as the first and current team to achieve three back-to-back national championship wins in 1934, 1935, and 1936 national games. 

The Georgia athletes nabbed their first historical championship wins under 8-0 win record in both the 1934 and 1935 national championships. And in 1936, the team made it to the top 1 in the first official AP top collegiate football poll. This also allowed Bernie Bierman, one of their head coaches, to finish his coaching career with five national championship wins under his name.

Notable Years

Below are other notable performances of the Georgia football team that made the highlights of the year's seasonal and national events.

1946: First Undefeated Season

This year became a hallmark achievement for the Georgia Bulldogs as this is their first undefeated season win. Back then, Charley Trippi led Georgia to a decisive victory over North Carolina in the 12th year of the Sugar Bowl event. Not only Georgia went with zero losses throughout the season, but they also managed to rank third in the national rankings, just shy behind Army and Notre Dame. 

One of the highlights is the heated match against rival Georgia Tech, where halfback Charley Trippi led a 544-yard run doing passing, returning kicks, and rushing points, and earning three touchdowns resulting in a 35-7 victory. 

This led to an outstanding athletic performance by Charles Trippi, who was awarded the Walter Camp Memorial Trophy as the national best backer. Followed by the Maxwell Award as the most outstanding college athlete, the well-renowned Player of the Year award by the SEC or Southeastern Conference, and a strong runner-up in the Heisman Trophy.

1966: SEC Championship

During Vince Dooley's third year as the Bulldog's head coach, the Georgian team finished as the co-champion with Alabama in the 1966 SEC championship games. The team also earned wins over fifth-ranked Georgia Tech and Florida football teams in the regular season and an impressive victory at Cotton Bowl against SMU, a tenth-ranked contender in the series. 

Overall, Georgia Bulldogs earned the 4th place in national rankings, despite expectations of Michigan and Notre Dame in the same year. Notable players include offensive Kirby Moore, Frank Richter, and Ronnie Jenkins, supported by Bill Stanfill, Billy Payne, and Happy Dicks on the defensive.

Wrap Up

Georgia Bulldogs today still hold as a strong contender and a force to be reckoned with in various national, statewide, and prestigious game series with the rich history of their humble beginnings, wins, and record-breaking performances that showcase the vision and strong competence against the world of football. 

While they have suffered controversial losses and management replacements, they still surpassed all odds. They became a household name by awarding ceremonies, acknowledgments, and back-to-back winning highlights. With the team still managed under the veteran guidance of head coach Kirby Smart, we can only speculate on what records this powerful team would break again in the coming years.

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