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Who is the greatest scorer in the MLS of All-time?

These 20 MLS scorers were pulled from the article " The most successful goal scorers: Major League Soccer " See the article

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The Greatest MLS Scorer

Determining the greatest MLS scorer of all time is subjective and can be a matter of personal opinion. Jason Kreis, Josh Wolff, Landon Donovan, Brian McBride, Dom Dwyer, and Robbie Keane are all notable players who have significantly contributed to scoring goals in the league. Each player has unique qualities and accomplishments that make them worthy of consideration for the title of "The Greatest MLS Scorer." Let's explore the achievements and impact of these players to gain insights into their scoring prowess.

Jason Kreis: Jason Kreis is an MLS legend known for his prolific goal-scoring ability. He played as a forward and had a remarkable scoring record during his career, notably with the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas). Kreis was the first player in MLS history to reach the 100-goal milestone, and he finished his career as the league's third all-time leading scorer. His consistency and poaching instincts in front of the goal make him a strong candidate for the title of the greatest MLS scorer.

Josh Wolff: Josh Wolff is another accomplished striker with a successful MLS career. Known for his speed and agility, Wolff was a consistent goal threat for teams like the Chicago Fire and the Kansas City Wizards (now Sporting Kansas City). While he may not have reached the same goal-scoring heights as some other players, his contributions and impact on the field cannot be overlooked.

Landon Donovan: Landon Donovan, already mentioned in the previous response, is not only one of the greatest MLS players but also one of the league's top scorers. Donovan's ability to consistently find the back of the net throughout his career is exceptional. He is the all-time leading goal scorer in MLS history, scoring 145 goals in the regular season and an additional 25 goals in the playoffs. Donovan's goal-scoring prowess and overall impact on the game establish him as a strong contender for the title of the greatest MLS scorer.

Brian McBride: As mentioned, Brian McBride was a great all-around player and an accomplished goal scorer. His physicality and aerial ability made him a constant threat in the box, and he consistently found ways to put the ball in the back of the net. McBride scored 80 goals in his MLS career, and his contributions to the league's growth and success cannot be understated.

Dom Dwyer: Dom Dwyer is a forward with a notable goal-scoring MLS career. Known for his tenacity and work ethic, Dwyer had successful stints with Sporting Kansas City and Orlando City SC. While he may not have the duplicate goal-scoring records as some other players on this list, his ability to find the back of the net and his impact on the field make him a player worth considering.

Robbie Keane: Robbie Keane, an Irish forward, had an illustrious career in MLS. Keane was a prolific scorer for the LA Galaxy, where he won multiple MLS Cups and earned the MVP award. His technical ability, creativity, and clinical finishing made him a standout player. Keane's impact on the Galaxy's success and his contributions to the league's goal-scoring charts make him a strong candidate for the greatest MLS scorer.

In conclusion, determining the greatest MLS scorer is subjective and depends on individual perspectives. Each of these players has made significant contributions to scoring goals in the league and has their unique qualities. Whether it's the consistency of Jason Kreis, the record-breaking achievements of Landon Donovan, the physicality of Brian McBride, the tenacity of Dom Dwyer, or the technical brilliance of Robbie Keane, each player has left a lasting impact on MLS and deserves recognition for their goal-scoring prowess.

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