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The Admired Manchester City History and Popularity

Manchester City is one of the legendary clubs in the world that many fans have turned their heads to. The club is under the control of City Football Limited and has been owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group since 2008.

Since the Emirati takeover, the club has achieved a historic landmark, making plenty of profit and winning titles insanely. But what exactly made Manchester united gain a positive reputation all around the globe?

In this article, we will take a closer look at some factors that led to the growth of Manchester City, its popularity, and more. But before we dive in, let’s understand the history of this successful English football club.

The History of Manchester City FC Limited

The club was established in 1880 by a rector of St. Mark’s church, Arthur Connell, with the support of his daughter. At first, it was called Gorton FC, but they changed the name to Manchester City in 1894.

The name was changed because of the financial issues that led to the club's renovation. The transformation also accompanied the name change to a spacious pitch of Hyde Road, which saw Manchester City rising in popularity.

With a plethora of fans backing the club, this led City to be promoted to the First Division in 1899. No sooner did it earn a promotion than it won the first trophy in 1904. But later, its players were suspended because of financial misconduct.

In 1923, the club moved to Maine road because of a fire outbreak that damaged the main stand at Hyde Road. Shortly after claiming their second FA cup in 1934, the club recorded the highest fan attendance, with a single game accommodating up to 84,000.

The club grabbed its first Division trophy three years later by scoring more than 100 goals during the season. However, they were relegated the following season.

Manchester City Decline

With a single FA Cup over three decades, the attendance started slowly dewindling. But after Joe Mercer was appointed the new manager in 1965, City again entered a hot streak. The club was crowned champions of the First Division Title during his first six years in charge.

The club was also crowned the English Cups and Cup Winners’ Cup. But the club later succumbed to another long spell of winning trophies.

The New Triumphant Era

The Abu Dhabi Group takeover accelerated the roadmap to Man City’s growth in 2008. Currently, City is ranked among one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, featuring popular online sports betting and signing big names for record fees.

Since Billionaire Sheikh Mansour's takeover, the club spent more than $500 million on players in the following five years. The influence of Abu Dhabi also led the club to change its home stadium to Etihad in 2011.

What are the main factors that led to the growth of Manchester City FC?

In this section, we will discuss some of the things that saw Manchester City experience an era of unprecedented success.

The Emiratis Takeover

Many things had changed since 2008, when Mansour bought the football club. This club ownership became a game changer. During the Abu Dhabi reign, City has managed to sign the biggest stars in the game and has come close to landing more.

Consistency of Al Mubarak as the Club Chairman

Many things have changed since the Abu Dhabi takeover. Players and managers have come and gone. Seniors and executives, too. But Al Mubarak has been one constant thread.

This club chairman prefers to let actions speak louder than words. Born in Abu Dhabi and educated in the U.S, Al Mubarak holds a degree in economics and finance from Tufts University. He is among the Abu Dhabi royals hand-picked by Mansour to run Manchester City.

Al Mubarak ensures that he runs the club according to Abu Dhabi’s strategy. Over the past 10 years, the record of Manchester City speaks for itself in terms of success, community, and economy.

The Appointment of Pep Guardiola as the Club Manager

Manchester City’s success accelerated when they hired Pep in the summer of 2016. But Pep 47 has driven the club to the next level, winning titles crazily. Guardiola also broke title records which saw Man City becoming the first club to reach 100 points in a premier league season.

According to City’s chief executive, Guardiola is the pinnacle of the club’s success. Hiring him was the best decision, and he has helped the club soar deep in intensity and tactics. That said, Pep has extended his contract, and his role in the club is abundantly clear.

The Club’s Ambitious Spending

Since Mansour’s takeover, City has splashed huge cash on some of the world’s stellar footballers. And this proves that, indeed, Sheikh was determined to transform City into one of the giant clubs on the planet.

Since Sheikh arrived at Etihad, Manchester City has so far spent over £1.5 billion. Some of the expensive signings include Jack Grealish (£100m from Aston Villa), Rodrigo (£63 from Atletico Madrid), Rueben Dias (£62 from Benfica), and more. 

Manchester City’s Eise in Popularity

Manchester City is a club that wakes many up in the morning and put a smile on their face every day. The passion that comes with supporting this big club is second to none. 

In fact, Man City has the best fans in the world, who for years have supported the club through thick and thin. The increasing growth in the fanbase is due to various factors, including television coverage in many countries, unrivaled success, commercial partnerships, etc. 

Manchester City’s social media audience fetches over 90 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. 

Final Thought

Simply said, Manchester City might be unflappable for a decade of dominance. It is one of the best teams in England and the epitome of what it means to be a successful club. 

Manchester City’s epic growth was set in by Mansour in 2008 but will continue to be fueled by the support from fans all over the world.

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