New England Patriots Dynasty

Why is the New England Patriots Considered the Greatest Dynasty in NFL History?

New England Patriots Primary Logo 2000 - PresentSports Team History

New England Patriots Primary Logo 2000 - Present

It's a big challenge to win a championship in any sport. The degree of work you put into winning one championship shouldn't be underestimated. And you don't win it alone either. You got to have a good team, support system, rigorous training, and determination, all to get that trophy home. If it's hard to win a single championship, what more to make a dynasty?

In all sports, there are only a few franchises who have managed to make a real dynasty. In fact, there is a possibility that we won't have another one in this generation. That said, if you're a major fan of the NFL, there is a little debate as to which franchise made the greatest dynasty in NFL history the New England Patriots.

With six Lombardi's trophy to their record, it can be tough to pick which year is their most remarkable year for the franchise. Not to mention that they also have won 5 out of 9 Super Bowls. However, if you're not all that convinced that the New England Patriots is the greatest dynasty in NFL history, here are some reasons why they are.

They are the Most Disciplined Team

The New England Patriots are like heavyweight champs. The team eliminates the opponent in the first round and are already planning to KO the next team, which says something about the extent of their discipline and dedication to the sport. Unlike any sport that showcases the players before the match, football is a rugged no-nonsense sport played by tough and fearless people.

Bill Belichick knows this all too well and has reinforced this mindset in his locker room and his players. He pushes his players to be focused on the entire game with no room for tantrums and whining. Diva's attitude is not allowed in Belichick's world. 

They even have Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, and Rodney Harrison monitor the locker and call out the late people or not working out when they should be. They call this the "Patriot Way," and if you don't follow it, then you don't belong with the team. This marks their passion for the sport, which separates them from other teams in the NFL.

Coach Bill Belichick

Speaking of Bill Belichick, one of the critical components of making the New England Patriots the greatest dynasty in NFL history is their coach, Bill Belichick. After a stunning failure as the Cleveland Browns head coach, he came to Foxboro in 1996 as a defensive coach. After that, he reunited with Bill Parcells in the New York Giants then followed him to the New York Jets.

After three seasons in the Giants, he was chosen as the head coach but resigned immediately. Then he was hired as the head coach of the Patriots in 2000. After a long experience of being a coach, he then formulated the "Patriot Way" that pushed his players to do their jobs masterfully no matter what it is. 

This brought back the professionalism in the team, as well as the commitment to get the win. He is best at paying attention to detail, which makes him great at looking at his opponent's strengths and devising a plan to take that away in the game. 

Best Drafting System

Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round and is a lock for the Hall of Fame the moment it happened. However, this wouldn't have happened without Bill Belichick's gameplan.

He has mastered his drafting system and has cultivated his plan to dominate the free agency. But how does Bill Belichick do his draft? It's smart. They use a number scale within three major categories. Instead of comparing the college prospects to their success back in NCAA, they are compared with the Patriots members and other players in the NFL. 

After that, the decision is quite simple. If the college prospect isn't even comparable to NFL pros, they are of no use to the team. Belichick and his recruiting team also look for specific qualities in their chosen college prospect like maturity, devotion, and leadership. These are the factors that college prospects need to have to fit in the locker room. 

With this drafting system, they have acquired quite numerous star veterans over the years. They also excel in bargaining and know how the system works like the back of his hand. Along with this knowledge of the system and how the system works, he works his way to make the most out of his draft picks. Not only that, but he also trained one of the most competent and excellent scouting teams in NFL history. This is also the reason why a lot of bettors like to see what the Patriots will do in the drafts and their odds in


It's no doubt that the New England Patriots are the greatest dynasty in the NFL. However, this achievement is not done overnight. With Brady's skills and Belichick's leadership, the New England Patriots have remained consistent in their draft picks and game strategies. Who know how the future will play out, but we do know that Belichick and the Patriots will continue with the same successful formula.