Big 12 School History

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Big 12 School History

The Big 12 Conference is a powerhouse of college sports, and its schools have some of the most storied histories in all athletics. Each school has a unique story, from Texas to Oklahoma to Kansas State, making it stand out. Whether you’re an avid sports fan or just looking for something interesting, here’s a brief overview of the history behind each Big 12 school.

Texas: The Longhorns are one of college football's oldest teams and were founded in 1893 as The University Of Texas Varsity Football Team. They won their first national championship in 1963 under legendary head coach Darrell Royal and have gone on to win four more since then (1969, 1970, 2005 & 2009). Their rivalry with Oklahoma dates back over 100 years and is known as "The Red River Rivalry."

Oklahoma: Founded in 1895 by former students from Presbyterian College (now Northeastern State University), OU went on to become one of college football's most successful programs throughout the 20th century under coaches like Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer, who led them through several undefeated seasons including seven national championships between 1950-2000! Their rivalry with Texas continues today as they compete annually for bragging rights at what has come to be known as “the Red River Showdown."

Kansas State: Established way back in 1863 during America's Civil War era when it was initially called Bluemont Central College before becoming KSU two decades later; this university boasts many accomplishments both academically & athletically, including 24 conference titles across various varsity sports divisions such as basketball & baseball plus numerous NCAA tournament appearances! Its biggest rivalries include those against Kansas Jayhawks, which began during territorial days before statehood and granted both territories statehood status respectively in 1854/1911, making them the two oldest universities within current boundaries comprising Sunflower Nation, aka 'Big 8.'

Iowa State: IowaState Cyclones trace their roots back to 1861, founding Ames Agricultural College as part of the Morrill Land Grant Act signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln the same day Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, SC, sparking the American Civil War. However, the name changed twice in 1907, finally settling with the ISU moniker. The institution currently holds the highest enrollment numbers amongst other public universities located in the Midwest United States, boasting an impressive athletic resume, including 11 National Championships 6 different varsity sports disciplines ranging from men women's track field, soccer, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, golf, cross country skiing swimming diving rowing equestrianism competitive cheerleading spirit squads etcetera... With fierce competition between bitter rivals.

Baylor Bears Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Baylor Bears

Established: 1890
NCAA Championships: 3

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BYU Cougars Primary Logo 2021 - Present

BYU Cougars

Established: 1922
NCAA Championships: 0

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Central Florida Knights Primary Logo 2017 - Present

Central Florida Knights

Established: 1975
NCAA Championships: 0

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Cincinnati Bearcats Primary Logo 2005 - Present

Cincinnati Bearcats

Established: 1910
NCAA Championships: 2

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Houston Cougars Primary Logo 2017 - Present

Houston Cougars

Established: 1927
NCAA Championships: 0

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Iowa State Cyclones Primary Logo 2008 - Present

Iowa State Cyclones

Established: 1908
NCAA Championships: 0

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Kansas Jayhawks Primary Logo 2006 - Present

Kansas Jayhawks

Established: 1865
NCAA Championships: 6

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Kansas State Wildcats Primary Logo 1989 - Present

Kansas State Wildcats

Established: 1913
NCAA Championships: 0

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Oklahoma Sooners Primary Logo 2018 - Present

Oklahoma Sooners

Established: 1919
NCAA Championships: 9

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Oklahoma State Cowboys Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Established: 1901
NCAA Championships: 4

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TCU Horned Frogs Primary Logo 2013 - Present

TCU Horned Frogs

Established: 1923
NCAA Championships: 0

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Texas Longhorns Primary Logo 2019 - Present

Texas Longhorns

Established: 1915
NCAA Championships: 7

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Texas Tech Red Raiders Primary Logo 1999 - Present

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Established: 1925
NCAA Championships: 1

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West Virginia Mountaineers Primary Logo 2016 - Present

West Virginia Mountaineers

Established: 1912
NCAA Championships: 0

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